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Embrace Your Inner Bob Ross (and win $100!)

we want you to win - so here's how it works

We strive to encourage all dreams to come true - including helping our followers to have their "Bob Ross" moment. So join us for our coloring contest! Let's bring a little color to our page as we head into spring. 

Here's how it works: 

1) Choose your age category. We have provided two pictures of varying difficulties so that kids and adults alike can play along! (plus we know some of you older folks have a harder time coloring in the lines... 🤭right JL?🤭)

2) Let your artistic juices (or whatever) flow! Let your inner Bob Ross shine, and color those "pretty little flowers" however you would like! 

3) Submit your works of art to, or post them to our Facebook event page! You can submit your work until April 1, 2021

4) From there, you will have till Easter Monday (April 5, 2021) to visit our events page and vote for your favorites! We will be creating a poll so you can vote for the ones you think should win (and yes - we have prizes)….

5) Those who are voted the 'artistic elite' will make it to our finalist vote. From there - we will decide the winner and crown them "practically Bob Ross himself". 

6) Our winners get prizes! We will have a winner from both categories! The 0-13 age range will get a candy basket from How Sweet Candy Store in Lethbridge. 
The 14-100 age range will get a pre-paid $100 Visa card! 

Winner will be announced April 6, 2021. So keep your 👀 peeled! And may the "luck of the Irish" be with you! 


Either the one you actually are - or the one you most identify with. We won't judge.

Click the buttons and find the pictures you are tasked with! Print and color to your hearts desire! Don't forget to submit your masterpiece before April 1, 2021!