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The Home Buying Process

"Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler"

Albert Einstein may not have sold real estate - but this works all the same. Real estate transactions do not need to be stressful, convoluted processes. Our goal is to ensure your experience is fun, simple and about you.

The Stats

We read a statistic recently that stated the average home buyer spends 124 hours searching for a home. Of this, almost 16% of the time you are accompanied by your real estate professional. RELY on your local expert! Lethbridge is a rapidly growing city with no shortage of commercial and residential development. From a strong agricultural industry to two post-secondary institutions and the benefits of the Rocky Mountains only a short drive away, Lethbridge has become a sought-after destination for not only young families but those looking to retire quietly.


Talk to your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors - whoever you trust! Do your research and find an agent you feel compatible with. They're responsible for navigating you through the home-buying process and ensuring it's a positive experience.

Here’s how the rest goes:

  1. Create needs/wants list - get set up on MLS system

  2. Start viewing homes!

  3. Write offer - subject to conditions

  4. Satisfy conditions (home inspection, financing, etc.)

  5. Hire a lawyer

  6. Set up utilities, insurance, mail subscriptions

  7. Move in!

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