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Spotlight: Mold Architects / nCAVED House

As if you needed more reasons to jet off to the Grecian Islands, this spectacular home is nestled into the hillside on the Serifos Island in the middle of the Aegean Sea. Sounds just about perfect, right? The brilliant creatives with Mold Architects designed a home over 3,600 sq/ft among 3 floors with arresting east views of the sea.

The three levels differentiate the spaces of the home: bedrooms, living area and guest house. The bedrooms and living area are accessed internally, whereas the guest house sits above and must be accessed externally.

There are interior gardens to promote air floor and enhance lighting. Stone, exposed concrete, wood and metal are used with precision to create coarse inner shells. Perforated filters on the facades and the floor produce shadow patterns. Paired with large reflective mirror surfaces, they make up an eerie atmosphere in the private areas of the residence.

It really doesn't get much more beautiful than this, does it?

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